Thursday, July 16, 2009

Eugenics: ALIVE and well

I didn't think that they would still be trying to make the Master Race...but they're still at it. After watching Michelle Malkin's post on the origins of Planned Parenthood (make sure you watch the video about Margaret Sanger), I decided to see if anyone was promoting this concept.

A little Dogpile search (I try to use Google as little as possible...creeps) and Bammo! Societal Engineers Unite.

If you check these websites out, notice how many of them have problems with the JOOOOS. In one of the descriptions they describe themselves as "politically Incorrect". I would label them as something that rhymes with "not-sees".
The whole subject just gives me the shivers.

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  1. Precisely.
    And where do you seriously
    think Margaret's indelible
    soul is now, dear???
    Gitta way from the earth...
    as far away as you can.
    Helps if you're head injured.