Thursday, July 2, 2009

China in Sri Lanka?????? Who Knew?

Now I consider myself to be News savvy. But Michael Totten just shocked me with his interview with Robert Kaplan.

The Chinese have helped destroy the Tamil Tigers in Sri Lanka with mucho arms and ammunition and strategic support. For this they get to build a deep water port for their Navy. This is part of China's string of pearls strategy in which they ring the Indian Ocean with Military bases that they don't actually pay for.

Save for the odd "HAHA we'yah Chinese and a you not" military annoyance, I'm of the opinion that China has no reason to get confrontational with us because they are too intwined with us monetarily.But with the Barakticon trashing our private sector economy at every turn, when will this daisy chain fall apart and expose our rear ends to the enemy?
And if I'm finding it harder and harder to extract news (and so is Allahpundit when it comes to Honduras) how long will it be before .... dont need no stinking news.
Peace through superior firepower. Teach your kids...defend the freedoms for the next generation.

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