Friday, March 4, 2011

The New Hope

I waited with baited breath, from the Thursday before last, over the entire weekend for the news of the Tyrant's inevitable demise. With his death , the price of oil would come down, the value of stocks would go up, our President's stature would surely skyrocket.
The News outlets calmly told the story of Rebels taking over all the towns and cities, advancing with certain rhythm, creating a gauntlet of no escape. The reporters taunting the caged can you not step down already?...your fate is cannot go on so wounded in the political square.
He giggled. He told lies. He slithered around the silly childish traps layed in front of him. International pomp of the toothless meant nothing to him. Getting past a band of disorganized, well armed gangs who can't shoot straight was his only goal. Our President told him what to do...sort of...kinda. He paused and raised an eyebrow, then went back to the task at hand. Killing and controlling.
Here we are over a week later and he's gaining control...piece by piece...neighborhood by neighborhood...politically organizing if you will. His warfare and power is local. I hoped for stabilization through his death, but now, it seems that stabilization will come through his unincumbered iron fist. He will reign, and the toothless shall bow before him once again.
The interesting part to me really though is how we believed that this murderous regime would be toppled with the minimum of effort. If we somehow just BELIEVED that he would go away...that it would 'just happen'.
Our president let the reins of freedom slip from his fingers, asleep behind the rythym of equine footsteps slowing without direction.
Nothing will come of his feeble we change our national focus....

What silliness from Hollywood awaits our gaze? What shall be our national Navel?