Monday, October 11, 2010

Do These Shoulderpads Make My Butt Look Big?

I can't take it anymore. For one week maybe, our Men of the National Football League decked out in pink gloves, pink sweatbands, pink slippers, pink undies, whatever...but a whole month?

My ten year old girl took one look at the game I was watching, cocked her head and pointed, "Whats with the pink!?!" At which point my pink-loving seven year old came bolting over (ditching her computer aided hypnosis) gleely exclaiming, "Daddy's football players are wearing PINK !!!"

This past Sunday saw the comics page turn somewhat monochromatic. "Daddy, they did it to the comics page too," reported the horrified 10 yr. old.
She was mad too, "Breast Cancer sucks, and not just for the people who get it!" Truer words were never spoken.

It seems to me this is a sissification of a Man's sport. A game of blood, sweat,, no tears. There's no crying in Football.

My wife tells me to get over it, it's for 'awareness'. I totally disagree. It's a far more sinister plot launched by feminists to turn us all into some pink mush.

"They're using breast cancer awareness as a sledgehammer on our manly souls," I protest. "Will my testicles or prostate get a month? Will these body parts be thrust into the faces of Championship Ice Skating or Olympic Gymnastic viewers???" I'm guessing not.

(on a side note...I think the corresponding man ribbon should be covered in short and curlies.)

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