Sunday, August 2, 2009

Buy the Poppies, Win the War

This Is a very simple strategy for Aghanistan. Buy all the poppies.

It's the only thing that will grow there. Stop trying to irradicate them. Stop burning farmer's property. Give them cash for the product. Not only will you be promoting free trade, you will dry up a huge revenue stream for the Taliban. Beat them at their own game.

We need poppies to make opiates such as Morphine. We have uses for them. Why not just buy them in bulk. It will win hearts and minds. Currently the Taliban forces farmers to grow the flowers so they can produce heroin. If the farmer doesn't comply...they are killed or worse. Why don't we step in and overpay for the product. George Stienbrenner style.

It looks like the British are getting a foul taste in their collective mouth and are about ready to pull out. I think they're right that we don't have a cohesive strategy for victory. I think we are fighting the war exactly how the Soviets fought in their losing effort. Albeit not as brutally. Tell me where that'll get you?

We're Americans.

We know how to buy things.

Let's buy a quick and immediate Victory and get the hell out of there.

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  1. the cost of doing this would be minimal compared to war